BaccaNera Enoteca & Winebar

ba - kah - NEH - rah      eh - noh - TEK - ah

In Italian, Baccanera translates to 'black grape'.

Enoteca is translated to 'wine library'.

As the name suggests, enotecas in Italy serve as information repositories where people can go to learn about, and taste, local wines.

Our Inspiration

BaccaNera Enoteca & Wine Bar

Via IV Novembre, 19, 80053

Castellammare di Stabia NA, Italy


In the heart of  Castellammare di Stabia, Bay of Naples, Italy, an elegant, inviting, and stylishly modern wine bar sits unassumingly on the edge of the Piazza Principe Umberto. It is home to some of the best wine (and knowledgeable wine experts!) in Italy. With an impressive collection of Italian and global wine, stored in a climate controlled cellar, the menu focuses on pairings that perfectly compliment the outstanding local cuisine.

On any given night there is a bustling, spirited vibe reverberating off 17th-Century vaulted ceilings and the hand-crafted masonry walls BaccaNera Enoteca & Winebar calls home. Whether its live music, a celebration of the arts, or just groups of people coming together to dine and drink, BaccaNera is the perfect example of Italian Culture, Wine & Cuisine, and Appreciation of Community.

Mt Vesuvius

Our Vision

BaccaNera Enoteca & Winebar in Milwaukee

Much like people, wines have complicated personalities and to thoroughly appreciate them, one must understand them. The success of BaccaNera is in our commitment to serving world-class wines with the knowledge that brings them to life. This knowledge opens us up to the world of wine, spirits, and beer and creates a community of appreciation, enjoyment and fulfillment.

In bringing BaccaNera to Milwaukee, we aim to celebrate everything tasty while enriching our local community. Our wine list is curated by a Sommelier from BaccaNera Italy, and further developed by a Sommelier right here in Milwaukee. We have forged an accessible yet extensive Wine List that will delight the palate of even the most seasoned wine connoisseur, and continuously offer a selection of over 150 rotating wines.

Our Space

A New Beginning For A Classic Corner

Built in 1909, the building at 1732 East North Avenue, was formerly the long-running home of The Eastsider, but before that the space hosted a series of corner bars that served as a gathering place for residents of Milwaukee's East Side neighborhoods.

The design team of Layton Echo Group, LLC., OTIVM Internationall, LLC., and Flux Design, LTD., set out to rearrange, rehabilitate, and transform 110 years of bar refuse into a modern wine bar and restaurant. A daunting task to be certain, but our affinity for history made it an adventure. Beneath The Eastsiders' worn interior, we discovered the layers of Milwaukee's long and rich tavern history. Each one telling the story of its place in time. After removing the bar and walls behind it, we even found and reactivated hidden windows that hadn't enjoyed the warmth of the sun, or the Technicolor street vibes of Milwaukee's nightlife, in many years. 


We look forward to meeting you inside and are proud to bring you our vision of BaccaNera to Milwaukee.

1732 East North Avenue

Milwaukee, WI 53211

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Monday - Sunday 8am - 9pm