750 ml | Proof: 117.6


  • Oak rested in a once used bourbon barrel and bottled at cask strength, this potent somel is not for the faint of heart! Yet even at high proofs, the softness of honey prevails, offering a pleasantly surprising one of a kind experience.

  • Domeloz was born from the spirit of mead making…. Dominic DeSano began his adventures into mead inspired by a love of bees and the precious honey they produce. From the first batch in his home basement in Madison, Wisconsin, his journey took him to Bahia, Brazil, where he united forces with Flor Nativa, a local honey cooperative that gathers from the majestic region of the Chapada Diamantina. This magical honey is some of the best in the world. His venture gave birth to Melvino Hidromel, the region’s first artisan mead.


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